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Tranquil gardens, elegant stonework, decorative shrubs…what type of landscaping features will go into your custom landscape design? Let our experienced team create a plan that takes into consideration the layout of your home, soil conditions, wind, water and circulation of your property.

Your input, our experience and creativity come together to create beautiful landscapes which will exceed your expectations. We examine the architectural style of your home and its surroundings and use this as the basis for our design. The final design will be a uniquely creative, hand drawn design developed by utilizing your needs and desires as they fit properly into your particular site. The final scaled plan is then presented and discussed.

In a perfect world, plants, trees and lawns would be maintenance-free, but unfortunately we do not live in that world. Fortunately, French Gardens offers after care through our estate maintenance services. Click over to estate maintenance to see a full description of our after care services and how they can benefit you and your landscape investment.

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